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Let us celebrate! Together with the planet and beyond!
We do not only imagine, we act.

Inclusive, accessible, sustainable, innovation. Sustainability has been part of art, design, and media education and the research global agenda since the 1980´s. Inclusion and accessibility have driven the sustainability forward on the saddle of the EU’s The New European Bauhaus Initiative. The next generation of talent, also called our students, are the missionaries and doers of sustainability, inclusion, and access. The academics, researchers and staff of the universities do have a massive responsibility to ensure that Earth exists millions of years into the future. We cannot do this alone. We must collaborate with businesses, industry, NPOs and NGOs, governmental actors, with our existing partners and also welcome new ones. All of this to serve the planet. Never forget that every individual has huge impact. NEB, shortening for The New European Bauhaus, is a start. Let us listen, then do.

We are hereby mobilizing people to act together. Keep this in your loop. Not only invitations are coming your way, but so much more.


Action – The New European Bauhaus Prizes is a competition looking for project examples showcasing the values of the Bauhaus, an EU-led project aiming to put a green twist on Europe’s buildings and culture. The submission deadline 31 May 2021.


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