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RSD10 is taking place November 2-6, 2021 both online and at the Delft Unviersity of Techonology.

The RSD Symposium is the Cumulus partner’s, Systemic Design Association’s, annual academic conference featuring speakers, workshops, and paper presentations.

Embracing new complexity, collaboration and contexts in systemic design

Complex systems do not lend themselves to simplification. Systemic designers have no choice but to embrace complexity, and in doing so, embrace opposing concepts and the resulting paradoxes. It is at the interplay of these ideas that they find the most fruitful regions of exploration.

The main conference theme explores design and systems thinking practices as mediators to deal fruitfully with tensions. Our human tendency is to relieve the tensions, and in design, to resolve the so-called “pain points.” But tensions reveal paradoxes, the sites of connection, breaks in scale, and the emergence of complexity. Can we embrace the tension, the paradoxes as valuable social feedback in our path to sustainable and just futures?

Come and play with tensions in systemic design at the forthcoming Relating Systems Thinking & Design (RSD10) symposium. This hybrid symposium will take place 2-6 November 2021 both online and at the Delft University of Technology.

For more information please visit the RSD10 website.